Trash the Productivity Hacks

Do this instead

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Hey, it’s nice to meet you I’m Dr. Matt 🙂

My primary focus at Founder in Flow is adding a psychological perspective to how you relate to yourselves and others, so you can unlock holistic high performance.

Today, I’m going to share an uncomfortable truth about focusing on your habits and morning routines: They aren’t helping.

Trash the Productivity Hacks (and Do This Instead)

Ever feel stuck even with a solid daily routine?

Habits, routines, and productivity hacks are just basic practices. A foundation. They aren't a cure-all to your problems.

Imagine running on a treadmill expecting to reach a destination. That’s what you're doing when obsessing over the perfect routine. It gives an illusion of progress while you're stuck in the same spot.

You’ve been told that a magic morning routine or a productivity hack is your ticket to a better life. But it’s a lie distracting you from facing the real issues stopping your growth—the person in the mirror.

The real growth happens when you dive into:

  • The uncomfortable

  • The uncertain

  • The unresolved

  • The unkown

This is what’s known as "inner work".

Inner work is an ongoing reflective practice that amplifies your awareness about yourself, others, and the complex systems around you.

It’s messy, it’s tough, but it’s the road to genuine progress.

Random hacks might give you a dopamine hit of achievement but it’s fleeting, a temporary boost without any meaningful change. Inner work on the other hand is a long-term investment in your personal and professional growth.

You might argue "But routines give me structure!"


But are they helping you tackle the root causes of your dissatisfaction or just keeping you busy? Is your focus on applying productivity techniques helping you confront your emotional avoidance or merely helping you feel more productive than you are?

The Brutal Truth About Inner Work

Inner work requires courage and persistence.

You cannot change the root cause of an issue without considerable time, energy, and effort—the very things you tell yourself you do not have enough of in the moment.

Real self-development involves:

  • Questioning your assumptions

  • Understanding your biases

  • Confronting your fears

Not convincing yourself to take cold baths, 10 supplements, and stare at the sun.

Stop seeking comfort in external routines and start diving into the internal chaos.

Real inner work—especially as an entrepreneur—is difficult. The path of inner work is tough but it leads to a place of real growth and fulfillment.

The next time someone offers you a life-changing productivity hack, ask yourself:

“Is this aiding my growth or distracting me from my issues?”

Shift the focus inward.

That’s where the real work begins…

Our Mission

Here at Founder in Flow, we want to empower you to overcome your obstacles. We want you to achieve your mission and build a legacy. The only way to do that is for you to level up your inner game.

As Carl Jung once said, “We don’t solve our problems, we outgrow them.”

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